Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm back =B

Hi! I'm back! Almost 2 months I didnt post anything here. There's a lot of things happened. But yesterday I've decided to post a picture of "someone" here. Quite impulsive jugak lah. There's quite a number of people keep on asking me about that, about this. So I just thought that a picture might answer all the questions. Maybe?

I just wanted to say that I'm truly happy today because this is my last day at Kedah. Oh. Actually, I'm currently staying in Kedah for a month (outstation). Kedah is one of an awesome place to visit. Orang kat sini baik- baik and the food also very nice and cheap. Seriously!

Can't wait to go back home. Melaka. and can't wait to meet my favourite guy on earth too. (am I too pathetic? =B )



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