Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What happen yesterday? Excitable = Excited + miserable!

I'm working right now. Just drop by to share something that happened yesterday. Quite miserable! >.<
I'd taken an EL yesterday. My kelisa bump into a BMW! Can you imagine that? Gila! I think that is my mistake, so do the chinese lady. She drove her car like the road is hers. I've waited the owner of that BMW to come back to me to settle down, but after 10 minutes, there still no one's coming, so I decided to just drove back home. Pity me!

And now, I'm no longer have a confident to drive to work this week. Sob3x. I'm afraid that there's someone looking at my car, keep on watching and scouting. *shivering*

and last night, Me, My boyfriend, his brother in law with his 3 little childrens went to Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch Arsenal training. My boyfriend is a really die hard fan of Arsenal. He got a 2 training passes for free. It's kinda cool! They really enjoyed that night. and they we're like, "Arsenal Die hard fan forever!". Love to watch the spirit. and today, he got me a free ticket watching the Arsenal vs Malaysia match in Stadium Bkt Jalil. He bought me an Arsenal jersy. hahaha. Kelakar coz I'm not Arsenal fans. So, we'll be at Stadium Bkt Jalil with a new version of Arsenal jersy! *Giggling*

Can't wait! See ya! :)



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