Thursday, August 30, 2012

The disasters begun

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه,

Have you ever heard of people telling you that getting married is not as easy as you think? If you think that the preparation for engagement is hectic, beware with wedding preparation! cause I am like... hectic like hell! Like seriously!! Sebab dulu masa tunang rasa sangat smooth and relax and cool and when it comes to the event, I am like... " ok. I am totally ready"

But this is less than a month okay! But I felt that I dont actually have enough time to prepare everything. Sigh! Frankly speaking, I am having quite a huge problem right now.. I don't actually know whether all b2b's are having the same issues with me or not. I think that I am going to be bridezilla (hopefully not). The journey began with such a wonderful stories where I have won 2 big contest for my event. The first one is from Hana Zakaria. I wont a 20% off dais, a hand-bouquet and also free veil worth rm200. And Hana is a very nice person. Contactable and very soft spoken. I will compliment anyone if she/he is doing the right thing . Yes, she deserves it!

Secondly I had won a prize of free mini dais from .... (you know who) that's worth RM3000. People keep on telling me that I am very lucky because I can easily won quite a big prize.

Then the wonderful stories started to change when I found out that the pelamin worth RM3000 that I won have been charged RM3000 for transportation charge. So I decided to find another vendor (with very reasonable price) to handle the dais. Kinda disappointed with the news.

The bad stories continue when I also found out that my official videographer popped out late on others B2B wedding ceremony. She/ He had missed to shoot her solemnization moments. Pity her. I heard that some of b2b's give a bad review about them. Very stressful! I still remember when I gave him my deposit, he's kinda nice and very certain. Tapi.. ok. saya sangat stress. I don't know what to do!

The third thing is where my MUA (make up artist) can't make it to my reception. I dont blame her. It's my mistakes when we first scheduled it to be at night but my mom has turned the tentative to 12pm. So I need to find another MUA. Sobs. 

The fourth thing and for sure is the worst thing ever happen before my big day.. a month.. yes. A MONTH before my wedding day is where my mom been divorced by my stepfather. The reason is unknown and I heard that someone has "santau" him. So he cant even remember and recognized my mom. At a certain time, he act normal but on a certain period, he lost his mind. Honestly it doesn't affect me, but it gave a very huge impact to my mom. I have printed my wedding card and have distributed to some of my relatives and friends during raya. A week after Eid Fitri, we have received a news. a bad news which is this. And some of us think that I have to redo my wedding cards. Seriously it's so stressful!

"Mungkin ini ujian Allah bagi sebelum kahwin, Mungkin nikmatnya akan terasa lepas kahwin".. some of my friend once said. I hope.. I really hope that the wedding will be simple yet, wonderful to every single one of us. I missed my dad. He must be very worried about me if I kept on being like this. Ya Allah, aku memohon padaMu Ya Allah, please ease my way, my journey to have a blissful and barakah life afterwards. Amin..




Gie, I think we share the same i x terdengar pula cerita dia lewat...risaunya...

nurul harnani

dear b2b, good luck. anggaplah ini dugaan.. kadang2 ada yg baik , ada yg tak baik.. take it positive..

enjoy your life as B2B..

take care..

Noor Hazirah

Hurm, I have heard 2 times. The first time was on my bestfriends wedding. They popped out late on reception and based on what my friend said, they missed some memorable moments.. but I don't know how la after this. hopefully ok la.. I have paid depo. Stress la!

[az azhari]™

be strong gie.. insyaAllah you'll get through. jgn risau sgt nnt sakit pulak.. take care darl~

Noor Hazirah

@nani.. i hope.. and i wish.. I want to enjoy my life. Dugaan.. :(


laa ye ke...ok nak share ur stress. anyhow, i wish both our weddings will be smooth insyaAllah... be strong ya Gie

Noor Hazirah

@az - mybe because i am the eldest. lepas tu takde ayah (shouldnt be reason actually). susah jgk la nk handle all alone with my mom's condition

Noor Hazirah

@anis - babe, bila wedding awak?

[az azhari]™

faham.. i pun xde ayah.. semua kena pikul sendiri.. nak mntk lebih2 pn x sanggup sbb kesiankn my mum.. insyaAllah,, mudah2an dapat restu dan diberkati.


Gie, mine insyaAllah 3 Nov nikah, sanding 4 Nov...and both hire that OV huhu... hari tu mcm tergerak nk tukar OV, ingat nk ambil cheaper lg (ada offer kat groupon) sbb suka sgt hasil dia, tu yg remain je..Gie bila ya?

Noor Hazirah

@az - susah kan.. hmm ... tak baik kalau saya ada perasaan macam tu. nauzubillah.. yang pg tetap pg.. mmg xd minta org pn dear. semua usaha sndr je..

@anis - oh.. lama lagi. sempat kalu nk tkr.. saya 29 sept.. amik nikah je.. tp tu la.. rs nikah tu la moment plng pntg.. kan..


banyak dugaan. insyaAllah akan ada sinarnya nanti. saya dapat rasa stress tu.


waaaaaaa!! I'm speechless!! sob sob! :( Sabar gie, do let me know if u need help or hands for ur big day! hope can help something to release ur stress..

Noor Hazirah

@dani - yup dani.. Dugaan.. Sekarang redha je dgn ape je yg berlaku. And skng mmg outspoken je kt vendor2..

@jue - thnks dear.. Taktau nk mntk tlg ape.. Tlg dgr luahan je la :')


my dear Gie, bertabahlah hati dalam menghadapi setiap ujian dan dugaan dariNya. yakin dan percaya bahawa setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya.

easy to say but hard to face. yes i know ! not only you will face this kind of problems, there are still many out there who have to face such problems. including ME !

sabar ya sayang. XOXO !

Syima Syaz

doA byk2 gie...i doakan wedding u smooth.ppl change n we as fam members pun cant do anything....

i doakan yg terbaik utk u n my BIL.

Noor Hazirah

@sara - yes dear.. I rasa ramai yg ad mslh mcm i.. Mgkn lg truk dr tu.. I have to be strong. Almost give up actually. People surrounds me.. Makes me stronger :)

@syima - i really hope dear.. I hope that ur ex BIL x buat hal.. But please dear.. Bear in mind.. I dont put a blame on u. Love u

[az azhari]™

xpe gie.. insyaAllah dia doakan n restui setiap pergerakan kita dari sana :)

Noor Hazirah

Az - amin.. Insha Allah... :)


Petty of u

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