Monday, March 28, 2011

Cousin's Wedding :)


Saya dah lama simpan cerita ni. Actually, previous 2 weeks, my cousin's got married with a very polite man named Azman. He's also a pharmacist. The actual date is on 19th March 2011. (Ingat tu ella! :p)

This was the first time grand-daughter got married. So, it's kinda hectic. After all, I'm happy to be with her on her wedding day which also been clashed with 3 friend's weddings and 2 engagements event.

(Sorry to my beloved friends, I couldn't make it to your big day)

Ape pun kerja saya kat sana? Oh. Sangat lah menarik! hihi.
Kerja saya ialah................ jeng3x...
Penjual ice cream. hihi. comel kan?

Yes. I know already *blushing*
Here are some photos taken by my beloved sister, Iqqa

Theme akad nikah : PURPLE

Pelamin =)

Azman terketaq-ketaq. hihihi. (sekali lafaz beb!)

2nd Day Theme : BABY BLUE/WHITE


Kak Ngah n husband on their Big Day! Congratulations dear.

Sweet kan? This was a big surprise from Azman's family. Even the groom also didn't have any idea of this thing at a first place. haha. Kinda cute!




Saye nak eskem malaysia. Ade x kak?


takde! :p

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