Saturday, March 26, 2011

What the he**!

It feels terrible when you have to pretend that everything is okay when it's actually not. Supposedly, this week is going to be my last week in TNB Research. I'm resigning from being a contract based on project researcher. It's already cleared that I'm the contract staff. Unfortunately, they still hold my resignation letter. Sob3x

Everyone must have their own reason why they've applied for another job. Obviously for a better position! I felt like what the hell is it. But have to keep it professional. Whatever it is, I've spoken with the bosses and they said that let human resources deal with this kind of problem and try to find the best solution. What the he**!

Okay. I know that it's sound a bit harsh. I just felt that all my effort from my 1st stage of evaluation, until second stage which was a technical interview, and my last stage, which is COGA (training in ILSAS for 2 days 1 night) is USELESS.

Sob3x. I need to wait for the formal letter. Sorry for the words that you might think "is this gie?".
It's totally not cool! Takpelah. Sabar itu sebahagian daripada iman.
Cool gie.. cool.



Zainal Fitri

Siyes? Gile la. Da la contract. Ape la derang ni. Sabar ek




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