Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Baby was born. =)

Still remember that sugar glider I've posted on my facebook? I named it as Aki. She's 4months + according to what my friend told me. Sadly, she's dead because of me. Akmal, please forgive me. Sob3x.

and I've kept a promise to replace her back to a new "her" too. So I've decided to buy the brand new sugar glider which also a female, same as Aki. and I named it Aki too. She's 2 months+ but she's not as tame as previous Aki. Sob3x
For those who haven't heard or even never seen how sugar glider looks like, I just posted a pictures of the late Aki. I'm afraid of snapping picture of this new Aki. Have you heard about the fact, people keep on saying that if we're to snap photos of any pets, that pets won't live longer. Did you ever heard of it? =(


So this is Aki, I miss her so much. She's tame, way to cute compared to the one that I've just bought last Sunday. May Aki rest in peace. (Sorry Aki, for the stupid mistake I've done)

My sweet memories with Aki.

(Harap² Akmal tak marah saya lagi lepas saya da ganti pet die. >.<)




X pernah marah pon.. Tp macam sedih sikit la.. Hehe.. But it's ok la gie..


thnk you akmal :)


My pleasure.


nanti amik new aki's pulak jadi model ek. hehe


miss her :)

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