Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Ibu!

20th March 2011, my mum turns 47 years old! Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to my ibu yang bucuk.. and paling comel.. Happy Birthday to you!! Yes! YOU!

I haven't prepared anything! I've received BBM notification from my sister saying that they want to celebrate it last night. O.M.G! I'm still in KL! and that message was sent around 7.00+pm. PM okay! I've just arrived from Perak. but I've made up my mind to just go back to Melaka on that night. Just to be with my beloved mother.

Today, I've asked my sister to accompany me to buy present for ibu. There's no time to think much. I just bought a pair of CROCS shoe as mom's birthday present. (Mom, hope you'll like it since I know that you love to wear CROCS). and treat them Pizza Hut, other than that, been sponsored by my second sister

Tempura Prawn from Pizza Hut

 Island Supreme (my mom's favourite pizza)

J-CO (sponsored by my sister)

and a cute little cake (cute macam saya jugak =P)

It's funny when I got home, my mom has prepared all the food. She has cooked sambal udang, rendang daging and ayam, and also kailan ikan masin. What a "nice" plan. HAHAHAHA. Don't have enough time to cook for you mom. I'll try next year okay?

You are the greatest creature Allah has created
You are the strongest stand
You are the best companion and the greatest shoulder to lean on
Without you, I can't even see, nor even touch every single things Allah has given to us.
I love you mom.
Hoping that this year would be a better year for us
Especially you. My greatest mom on this mother earth!

Muah! ♥


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