Saturday, March 19, 2011

Make Up!

Last sunday, I have bought a set of make up. Yes! Make up! What? Am I kidding? hehehe. I just bought blusher, some eyeshadow and also foundation. What makes it looks funny is that, I don't even know how to use it. Sobs!

But one thing for sure, I won't wear make up to work. hihi. (Nanti ramai orang gossip). and today, I've made up my mind to try. I put on some blusher onto my check. Quite exciting when you can see that your face a little pinky.

Eyeshadow? Oh no. Haven't got much time to learn how to touch up the eyeshadow. Afraid of looking much similar to pontianak. >.<

After all, I think I started to enjoy learning new things today. My picture? hahaha  Hell NO! =P



Zainal Fitri

da dpt agak camne muke ieya. :)


Lain. Gradnite tu make up buruk


Pergi shopping mall je make up free.. Tp kena buat2 nak beli barang dia la.. Hahaha!!

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