Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd April :)

Today, the very second day of April, flowing slow and steady. Nothing much to share. Same like any other day. Actually, April hasn't been my favorite month at all. Don't know why. Maybe there's no special event or any family's birthday celebration kut?

My grandparents (cik and toki) are here, at my aunt's house, Alor Gajah. So I decided to go there as this was their first time visiting my aunt's new house. It feels great when all of us sit together under one roof, including family in laws.

My atuk asked me, "ya bila lagi nak kenalkan kat tokki?"
and I just replied " kenalkan ape tokki" (sambil buat muka blur)
"Ya tau tokki maksudkan ape kan"

OMG! My answer would be,

"I'm waiting for someone who won't give up on me" 
(tapi dalam hati je lah)

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