Friday, October 7, 2011

tak sihat. sobs!


I'm writing this via my blackberry. Bosan di kala malam weekend ni. Actually I'm not in a good condition right now. It's almost 2 weeks I'm having a fever, cough n even worst, headache. Headache baru seminggu but it happens everyday. n it's like.. just imagine, you are working with lots of documents, with an aircond as the air you breath, meanwhile you're adapting yourself with a headache. Imagine that.. sob..sob..sob..

I went to see doctor last night. he said that I'm having an infection, nose and stomache. And because of that, it contribute a headache. I asked him, why is it so? And he said that maybe because of the food I ate. And he reminds me not to eat any citrus acid and seafood. Dah tak boleh nak mkan char kueh tiaw udang lebih. Hukhuk.. :(

Saya rindu nikmat sihat. Tapi saya bersyukur, Allah ingat saya. Segala pnyakit adalah penghapus dosa. Have to always remember that.



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