Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Respon dari mereka.


Kejadian semalam. Nothing interesting than any other day. Still tak berapa nak sihat. Demam since last week. Tapi betul lah kata Aki.. " Sebenarnya time kita demam, kena bersyukur sebab Allah ingat kita, dan Dia nak bagi kita ingat Dia lebih". Sesungguhnya sesuatu penyakit tu penghapus dosa kan.. Alhamdulillah.

Balik je kerja semalam terasa nak call cik and toki nak ajak diorg datang event saya. Bukan actually baru terfikir, da lameeeee fikir nak call tapi tak berani. And I just decided to call them yesterday. After call, saya message semua aunts and uncles, ajak diorang datang. and I know that the event is not that important to come pon unless they're really willing and eager to come. Plus I have to understand that most of them are quite far from my house. 1/2 of them were in terengganu, and the rest, I don't put a high expectation.

Buat saya terfikir sejenak bila they said, "tengok la, kalau sihat dtg. Kalau tak sihat, tak dtg. Tapi mcm x dpt dtg". But they can come to my aunt house in Melaka just to attend Hari Raya openhouse. I guess the engagement day is more "big" than a Hari Raya openhouse. But afterall, saya kena sabar. Saya kena faham. I need to be strong. I know that I'm just a girl who don't have father, live with a single mom, having a small lovely family who always give a full support for me. Alhamdulillah.



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