Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mereka happy, saya lagi happy


I have heard about others. I have watched their progress. Oh. You can say that I'm a great stalker. Yes, I do stalk people. A lot. But for the sake of getting to know their life, their progress. Alhamdulillah, many of my friends decided to get married, and some of them, getting engaged this year. It's a good signed kan? Alhamdulillah. Tak tahu macam mana untuk gambarkan perasaan saya bila mana my friendssssss pm-ed me, bbm me.. called me, and some of them even talk to me 2 by 2 saying that they're getting engaged. They're pregnant. Oh my! Seronok sangat. It's like.. rasa macam baru je sama-sama naik, belajar.. Baru je kenal.. sekarang, sume dah nak slow down. Kinda excited.

Some of them prefered to keep it as a secret. Some of them. They said that "engagement shouldn't be spreaded out to others, lets just kept it silent". Its good though. I want to keep it silently but the excitement that my mom and my big family shown to me makes me overexcited for the event to come. hehe. Mungkin sebab saya pun the eldest children in my family.. mom getting busy planning and asking and my stepfather is busy renovating our new house. I dont know how to explain everything. But I think that I just want to reveal my planning here, only in this blog. No more facebooking, twittering mybe? hehe.

Happy for my friendsssss...
I don't know why I'm happy.. I mean.. REALLY happy when they said that they want to slow down.
Thats really a good thing..
I will always pray for the best to all my beloved friendssss.. Muah!



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