Wednesday, November 16, 2011

E-Day Checklist


It's about 2 weeks more.
Lets check my checklist for E-Day
(btw kan, saya siap ada 1 buku untuk E-day checklist and budget belanjawan saya bulan2x. hehe)

Almost half ibu handle.. InsyaAllah saya akan bagi 7 dulang which will be..
  • Sirih Junjung (Person in charge: Ibu)
  • Kek Buah (Person in charge: Ibu) - semangat since dia kata dia nak buat sendiri
  • Buah- Buahan (Person in charge: Ibu. She's volunteered actually.)
  • Sepasang Kain Baju Melayu (Person in charge: Me)
  • Jam (Person in charge: Me)
  • Chocolate (Person in charge: Me) - Planning to buy 1 day before event
  • Macarons (Person in charge: Me !) - Already booked
  • Booked with depo. Alhamdulillah. (Person in charge: Me)
  • Booked. Scallop with pink/white theme. (Person in charge: Me)
  • DIY. Bantal ibu jahit sendiri. Dah siap. Kinda sweet kan? what makes me even happier when ibu called me and told me that 2 of her friends eager to help us making our "mini pelamin". What a relief. (Person in charge: Whole family)
  • Ibu belanja. Plus mak sedara saya volunteer nak masak jugak. Alhamdulillah (Person in charge: Ibu)
  • Booked (Person in charge: Me) - Emma's bf 
Door gift
  • Maklong cakap better tambah doorgift. Already booked. Mane blh bgtau ape. lalalala. =D  (Person in charge: Me)
Baju untuk my family
  • This is actually Ibu's plan. She wants my whole family to wear white attire. Iqa, Eg, Hazieq and Hariez are done. Ibu je sorg lg takde. Dia cakap nak cari sendiri. Baru ingat nak gi beli untuk dia. (Person in charge: Me)
Baju saya

Lets just make it transparent lah. Saya buat macam ni. But I choose soft pink as a theme. Will pick it up this friday. Hopefully.. (Person in charge: Me)

Hopefully everything will turns out the way I've planned. Semoga Dia permudahkan segalanya.
Quite relief and I started to stay on track when my sister told me that their friends really looking into my event and want to come. Kawan ibu dari terengganu.. Kawan saya dari terengganu take an earlier leave for me. Kawan saya dari Johor. Kawan saya dri KL.Thanks to these lovely people. Thank you so much for cheering me up!



Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿

Yay! I'm looking forward for it! mesti meriah!! harap2, kte dpt g..


hehehe.. pg tau. 3hb :)

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