Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sincerely, Me


Actually not in the mood of creating new entry. Banyak sangat cerita happened and I can say that most of the stories are sad story. I know that I have silent reader. Mulanya saya rasa macam ok la kan. Tapi taktau pulak my silent readers are the one who I avoid the most to know everything about me. Yes, that's what blog means. To tell your whole story to the whole people. Who cares? Ikut suka saya lah nak tulis apa. Mulanya juga saya sempat privatekan blog saya atas nasihat adik saya, tapi saya fikir, what for? Worthless just for the sake of avoiding them to know about me. "Them"? Lets just keep it as a secret lah.

Seriously I'm overwhelmed. Saya sangat penat menjaga hati orang. No more after this. Jaga hati sesiapa yang jaga hati saya sahaja. Thats it. If sakit hati baca, don't read. Don't even enter this blog. Thank you.



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