Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Should apologize? My thought is that..

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه,

Regarding the issue that I have posted just now, some of them are saying that Bawani should apologize to all UUM students because she has created a so called bad reputation to UUM student. While Sharifah Zohra needs to apologize to Bawani for being rude. My comment is that Sharifah Zohra must apologize to Bawani sebab dia dah memalukan dan menjatuhkan air muka seorang yang I dont think that she wants to condemn Zohra. But she is more or less want to raise her voice out loud je. So that President of Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia can hear and mungkin can be considerate and tolerate. As a muslim, Islam tidak mengajar kita untuk memalukan dan menjatuhkan air muka orang lain. ISLAM mengajar kita untuk menegur secara teladan. She personally akui that she is a muslim which I thought at first she's Hindu. So she should act like a normal Muslim. Not to demand to act like a mufti but just a normal muslim

Regarding Bawani, my personal opinion is that Bawani tak perlu apologize for her mistakes pun because I havent seen any mistakes on her side. I dont know whether her point sendiri ada mistakes because I dont give a damn pon whats political issue they are talking about. But as for me, UUM student should be really proud because they have someone who is brave enough to raise her thought.. her opinion because of our education. Because of us. Not because of her. Free education arent only apply to her if it been approved by government. Even Uniten student which I assume dont have that kind of quality student who have a really strong spirit untuk majukan bangsa. Seorang indian girl raise her voice for us.. muslim.. chinese and of course for indians too. So I think that Bawani doesnt have any intention utk burukkan nama UUM itself. But the student who claps their hands.. who cant think of something better . Who are not matured enough will think that she has ruined UUM reputation. Thats my thought. UUM student should be proud of her. UUM produce such a strong spirit person. Because personally I am proud of what she had done and I am proud of UUM itself.

P/s: actually malas nak masuk campur pun on this issue but I just give my opinion. Thats my thought. People has the right to talk and raise their voice right? InshaAllah we will be living in a peaceful country if we tolerate each other.. we act as a Muslim because Islam has taught us many good deeds. Alhamdulillah..




sangat setuju dengan pendapat akak. cara Puan Sharifah tu bagi saya tak matang sebab potong speech Bawani, rampas microphone dan cuma nak suara dia didengari.

itu bukan cara menghormati.

Noor Hazirah

She treats u student mcm bdk2. She wants ppl to respect her tp dia pijak kepala org. Thats not a good leader. Nauzubillah.


both of them tak betul...sorg ckp xwat research and sorang lagi pon salah as hujahan yg dia kasi pon xpadat n xrespect org lain - just my one cent

Noor Hazirah

yes. As for me, both ade salah in terms of "Wording", in terms of "respect". Tapi I don't think that what Bawani does given bad reputation to UUM. tapi I dont know. That's my 2 cent :)


Hindu Muslim Christian or Buddhist doent matter all religions teaches to respect others

Noor Hazirah

yes. That's true. Every religion teach us to respect others regardless of Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist.

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