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Penerangan detail mengenai scan 2D/3D/4D

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه,

Ramai rupanya tak tahu pasal scan 3D/4D. Dan ramai juga bertanyakan mengenai 4D scan. Tak silap saya for certain private hospital, they do have this facilities for every checkup or maybe 7 months and above. Macam saya ni yang gedik2x nak gi scan sebab tak refer ke specialist lagi. Selama ni pergi checkup dekat klinik kerajaan je since ramai sangat orang suggest pergi KK.

Ok. Let me share with you something. Pasal 4D details ni, ramai orang cakap nak Miss Jezzlyn la, nape bila pergi takde pun Miss Jezzlyn la. Orang lain la. Klinik tutup la. For your information, sebenarnya they do have their own schedule. Which sebelum ni pun saya taktau tapi bila dah selalu buat appointment, saya dah tahu schedule diorang. Here are the schedule of the sonographer. Consist of 2 sonographer either Miss Jezzlyn or Pearly

Wednesday at Ampang: By Jezzlyn
Thursaday at Seri Kembangan : By Jezzlyn
Friday at Ampang: By Pearly
Saturday at Ampang: By Jezzlyn
Sunday at Shah Alam : By Jezzlyn

Berapa lama masa untuk scan?

For 3D/4D Scan... Each session will take about 20-30 minutes.
For details 2D + 3D/4D Scan, it will take about 40-60 minutes. PLEASE
BOOK 2 TIME SLOT FOR DETAIL in 2D+ 3D/4D scan that are available.

However its still depend on baby condition... It might reduce the
scanning time if the baby cooperate well or might increase the
scanning time if the baby don't show up the face.

Berapa charge rate untuk satu appointment?

Procedure Charges Rate:
3D/4D Scan Charges : RM120 ( include 3D picture and video in CD and 1 4R Colour Print Out)
2D Detail Scan Charges : RM150 ( Check for anomaly in 2D scan, for 20-24 weeks only! )
3D/4D Scan + 2d Detail Scan Package : RM220
2D scan : RM50 ( only for ampang and seri kembangan area )

For twin:
3D/4D Scan Charge : RM130 ( include 3D picture and video in CD and 2 4R Colour Print Out)
2d detail scan : RM280
3D/4D Scan + 2d Detail Scan Package : RM320

Minggu ke berapa yang sesuai sebenarnya nak scan 4D ni?

Suggested week for 3D/4D Scanning:

1st scan: (22-25 weeks):
See more baby movement, might scan the whole baby body, can see more
in hand and legs movement, but the baby might look skinny a bit, but
its already cute!

2nd scan: ( 26-30 weeks):
More on baby face as the baby look more cubby, but leg and hand scan
depend on the liquour enough or not....

Harder to scan depend on air ketuban only.. The chances to take a bit
low compare to less than 30wk, but the baby will look more cubby...
if cant see the baby face, there is no charges apply, so might can
have a try....FOR Seri kembangan and AMPANG area only


These are the LIMITATION of the Scan to get a nice BABY FACE:

(1) Amniotic fluid (air ketuban) must be enough for the scan where at
least a layer of water in front of the baby face, must have a space
on top of the baby face.

(2 ) No umbilical cord (tali pusat) or placenta block on top of the
baby to get a nice view of the baby face.

(3) Baby position, baby could not be looking downward or side view.
In order to get baby full face, baby must be facing up and not facing
down or side way.

(4) fat layer of the mother tummy aso will affected the scan.... The
thicker the abdominal layer, tbe harder the penetration of the

Suggested week tu very true. Sebab saya pernah pergi scan on my 23week, memang nampak the whole body. Tangan gerak, kaki bergerak. Muka nampak kurus lagi. And my 2nd appointment was on my 29 weeks which memang nampak muka n tangan je. Baby dah cukup padat. And the best part was korang boleh tengok baby korang dah chubby! Comel sangat!

Hope it helps all mummy to be out there!



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