Wednesday, September 21, 2011


ok. 2 posts in a day. Tamak. :)

Being honest, just want to share something about my previous post "Message yang menyayat hati". If someone's followed my blog, they surely know who she is. Saya tanya kawan baik saya and my bf, am I being harsh on that post? and they said " biasa je..tak harsh pun. biar lah dia tau."

But deep inside me, I felt terible. Ntah lah. Saya jenis cepat marah and cepat sejuk actually. I'm not planning to reveal pun sebenarnya. To whom that may concern, I am truly sorry if I had made you hurt because of that statement. Because of "perli dari saya" yang mungkin buat awak terasa, I'm sorry.

"They said that there's no such thing as rasa bersalah ke apa ke because its not your fault", they said. Tapi honestly, salah saya ke salah sape ke, it's not my concern. My concern now is that I felt guilty for making other people mad at me. Sebab saya tak suka kalau orang tak suka saya. Seriously. I'm eager to make people feel comfortable with me.. and because of this I felt guilty.

It's okay if you've hurt me. Sekejap je. skng dah tak terasa hurt lagi. Awak pun da remove saya from facebook. If it's good for you, i'm okay with it. Once again, hope you're always happy with ur new life as someone's wife. I will always pray for u.



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